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The Black Pixel

The Black Pixel

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The Pixel is our exclusive design. 

Made using the classic Nike Air Force 1. We take off the original swoosh and paint every single pixel to give a Pixelated effect.

Many hours of work go into every pair to make sure every swoosh is unique.

I will produce limited quantities of this design to keep it exclusive.


2 SIDES - Only the outside Swoosh of each shoe is Pixelated.

4 SIDES - All 4 Swooshes are Pixelated.



This product is made to order, so no refunds or returns will be accept

Every item is handmade and unique. The original swoosh is taken off, some shoes might have different marks or stitches from the Nike factory. I do not guarantee that it will look exactly like the pictures shown. 

If you are ordering outside Canada, we are NOT responsible for Customs Import Taxes in your country. We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items once your order has been shipped and tracking number sent to you.
Please allow 6-12 weeks for the product to be made and shipped. 


Prices at checkout are in CANADIAN DOLLARS. 

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